Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Reading Awakened

>> Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sorry no book give away yet but I am reading again....well sort of reading. It is going to take me longer to get through a book because I am going to use my Audible credits to buy audio books that will be read on the elliptical.  I usually buy nonfiction on audible these days but I have loads of it and quite frankly it is just getting boring. 

I have a hard time reading when I work out because trying to keep my heart rate up and balance turning paper or kindle pages can be rather dangerous for me. Then a gain few people manage to trip up stairs and over there own feet so I am sure it is just me. Since I will only have about an hour 2-4 days a week to listen it will take a week or two to finish a book. I started Awakened by P.C. and Kristin Cast today and got in a full hour. Right now I can all I can say I hate Neferet and I really wish they would have started the story with one of the characters on the good team or even Kolona would have been better than.....well you get the picture. 

I may be a little more harsh with my reviews because a book read while working out needs to take my mind off the fact that I am working out. I usually watch a good action packed movie or television show and at the gym I take music that will keep me moving. It needs to either motivate me or make it so the time passes without thought. Awakened started out slow but it picked up after the first thirty minutes and kept my attention. 

That means the book reviews around here are really going to change if a book is really boring I might just say so and move on to another book. I might be giving snippets of reviews to come and I might very well have to give a listen to some books I have already read or listened to so I can get a review out. I know for sure that I have a few I have listened to and not reviewed. 

I am really excited about reading again and hope to bring you at least 2 book reviews a month. I know it isn't like it used to be but maybe I will get to the point where I can get one a week again soon. Thanks to all my readers who support me!


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