Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New addition, Moved and ....

>> Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We moved and that took a lot of my time and energy and left me feeling crippled for a few days. Then of course a ton of little things went wrong with the house and we met the new addition to our household as well. One of those days that life seemed like it kept thumping me on the head with a baseball bat a young orange kitty started hanging around. I was out on the porch and it crawled right up in my lap and promptly fell asleep. Being a dog love I thought I was immune to the charm of a cat until I met this one.

It took me some time to get my hubby to let me keep it but now even though he pretends to not like it he loves the little guy too. We can't seem to agree on a name so maybe you all could help us. It is a male kitty the vet says about 4 months old. Everyone seems to think he was owned before because he is very friendly and he really wanted in the house. He is very calm and gentle when picked up. He was like the sunshine in my day as everything around me went wrong. Each time I went outside he would come up and take a quick nap on my lap until I brought him in. He still takes naps on my lap but he has about 10 or so other good napping places now. I am happy to have him in the house and safe and Asuka (our German shepherd dog) is starting to get used to him. We are just working on the don't chase when the kitty runs part.

Other than that now that things are looking a little smoother with the house and the animals now I have an open house I put together with 7 vendors including myself coming up October 1st and job training for an at home customer service job starting on the 29th. So things are looking busy for me but if I can get some Herbalife and Avon sales the open house will be well worth it.  The only problem is I am sick right now bad cold/sinus thing. I have a ton I need to do but my mind won't focus for very long.


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