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Strange Brew Book Review

>> Wednesday, June 2, 2010

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I really have to say I loved this book. I listened to most of it while working out. I get all my audio-books from Audible. While I prefer to read a book sometimes it is easier to get one in while I am working out and completing chores. I am not really sure how to review an anthology considering it is a collection of short stories. You can't really write much without giving things away. So I am just going to give you my thoughts on a few of the stories I really liked. I would recommend this book to all especially if you appreciate some of the authors.

This book was a lot of fun with many humorous stories. The story Seeing Eye by Patricia Briggs was a lot of fun. It was about a witch that was blind but found sight with a werewolf's touch. She is a very powerful witch but you will have to read to find out more. By the way these characters show up in the Alpha and Omega series.

Signatures of the Dead by Faith Hunter was a great little story about a witch and her shape shifter friend hunt down some vampires that are terrorizing her town. I really loved the characters in this story as they use their talents together to fight off a band of rouge vamps. I wish I could tell you more!!! I am really going to have to check out some more of her work.

I also really liked the story Last Call by Jim Butcher. I have never read anything by him before but had planned on reading something. After reading this I have to say I will be adding him to my must read list. The story starts with a spell cast on the beer that Harry loves to drink. The people who drink the beer get nasty in many ways their raw urges begin to control them. Harry must find out what is going on before the beer reaches a huge event and thousands of people drink it. I absolutely loved the humor in this story and I can see myself reading more.

There were many more stories and they were all good. I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars.



    sounds like a good book. I have never been one for audio books but I am always on the go and an audio book of short stories i might like to give a go as they are independent stories of which I have never read. I read complete series of many authors and I fear that it may ruin them for me now if I listened to them in audio as i have all the characters in my mind...kind of like when you watch a movie of a book you have you have this problem ever???

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