Monday, May 24, 2010

Movie Review Daybreakers

>> Monday, May 24, 2010

Okay today I went out to tan and read a little but my dog was having none of that. I put her pool out and she still wouldn't leave me alone so I got two chapters done in the second Kitty Norville book.
I thought I would have time to read in Florida but that turned out not to happen. I didn't even start a book but I did get a good tan started now I can just sit in the sun a little here and there and keep a nice tan on my legs so I can wear my skirt without pantyhose. Plus it feels nice to get a little sun on those nice days.

Well I did have time for an evening movie while visiting my Aunt and Uncle in Florida. I really wanted to see Daybreakers considering it was a vampire movie and it had Ethan Hawke. I was thinking there could not be a better combination but I was dead wrong. There was nothing good about this movie unless you count watching one nice looking man turn out to be the wimpiest vampire ever. These people were not really vampires the only thing they had was a thirst for human blood. There were many more so called vamps than humans and they were even farming humans for their food. They had a shortage of blood and Ethan Hawke was the guy that was supposed to make synthetic blood they could survive on. These vamps were just like regular humans that couldn't be in the sun and they had to drink blood. They were not strong and didn't possess any special powers that I could see. They became monsters if they were deprived of blood for too long.

So my suggestion is to stay away from this movie. My hubby and my uncle fell asleep not to long into the movie. It was really boring except the last 20 or so minutes and then it looked more like a zombie movie than a vampire movie. Don't waste your time!


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