Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs Book Review

>> Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hunting Ground by Patricia Brigs is the second book in the Alpha and Omega series. If you would like to read the first review you can click Cry Wolf. Anna and Charles are werewolves in the Alpha pack of North American wolves. Anna is an Omega and has the rare ability to bring peace and stability to a pack and bring calm to wolves in a nasty situation. She and Charles her mate are sent as ambassadors to an international meeting of werewolf packs to discuss the details of bringing their existence public.

While Charles is negotiating with the packs Anna is sent shopping with an escort of course. They are attacked and with the aid of an absolutely awesome witch and her mate they manage to take out several of the vampires that ambushed them. The search is on for the reason behind the attack as more wolves are attacked. Charles is busy so Anna picks up the investigative details. Not all of the wolves are too happy about their existence becoming public so there is plenty of reason for wolves to hire vampires to take out important figures like the son or the Marrok (head of the North American wolves) and his mate

This book felt rushed to me there was a lot of information and not enough character development. You got to meet packs from all over the world and you didn't learn much about any of them. You also got to meet an awesome witch and another omega that would have added a great deal to the book if they had been fleshed out a little more. The fey plays a key role in the book but you get to know little about here as well. What I really wish there was more of is the relationship between Charles and Anna.

This book was fun but very short and lacking in details. I liked the first book a lot better as it took more of a look into the lives of Anna and Charles and their wolves. This book felt shallow to me and while the story was good it was more like a long short story than a book. I would have liked to see much more of the inner lives and turmoil that the characters faced. There was a really good scene with Anna and her jealous wolf and a female fey that was a once her mates lover.

I would still recommend this book but I was not one of my favorites so I am giving it 3 out of 5 stars.


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