Saturday, January 29, 2011

Magic Bleeds Book Review

>> Saturday, January 29, 2011

First I want to say I am really sorry it took so long getting this book review to you. I have been struggling to write something that does the book justice and then I got sick.

This book starts with Kate working to fight some sort of magic gone bad. She is headed home  when she gets the last minute call sending her to a bar fight. When she gets there it is not just any bar fight and she must try to contain the infectious evil magic that is left behind. Somehow a stranger came into the bar and caused all the men to go crazy and start fighting one another.

As Kate begins to investigate she finds that similar things have been brewing in other cities. No one can understands who or what could have done this and they all seem too happy to give the case over to Kate.

Then the perpetrator attacks The People and the Mercenaries Guild with no consequence. They walk right in take what they want kill a few people and leave. The worst part is no one can really rememberer what they saw. Every time Kate uncovers something new she ends up with more questions and more dead ends. This case takes a surprising twist that I was not expecting but it makes for a crazy and exciting ride.

The side story is Kate and Curran and their multiple misunderstanding. These two really should start talking to each other rather than just assuming things. Early in the book things go sour but as usual they are able to set that aside and work together to solve the case. Throw Simian into the mix and you nearly have a casualty of the crazy romance in these books. It is probably the insanity of it that draws me to it so I am not complaining.

Something I don't think I have mentioned before is how in each book Kate changes a little. It is something I like a lot and is much more realistic than when a character just decides to change. Kate starts out as a hard and even sometimes cold woman. She was brought up to trust no one and she keeps her emotions locked away. Each progressive book she begins to chip away at the wall she has built up as she learns to trust others.

I am sorry this is a short review but I am really afraid of giving away too much. There are so many twists and turns in this book that one sentence could ruin it for you.

I love these books and this one was no exception. This book gets 5 out of 5 stars. If you have not started this series yet it is one of the few that has kept my attention. I love the writing, the world and the characters. These books are the best of it all.

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