Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday 13 Movies

>> Thursday, January 21, 2010

Well I don't have a post for you today on the book I finished Celia's Puppies as I have been very busy trying to get in shape and I have a problem that when I get on the computer I have trouble getting off. So I thought I would post a list of some of my favorite movies. I know they are not award winning films but they are mostly action packed movies I can watch over and over. I do tend to watch them while on the treadmill so maybe that is why I like them full of action.

13 of Carries Favorite Movies:

  1. Underworld
  2. Underworld Eveloution
  3. Underworld Rise of the Lycans
  4. Transformers
  5. Transformers Revenge of The Fallen
  6. Resident Evil
  7. Resident Evil Apocalypse
  8. Resident Evil Extinction
  9. The Crow (only the first one)
  10. The Prophecy 
  11. Blade
  12. The Last Samuria
  13. Batman Begins
I can't even say the acting is good in all of these movies of course the actions sequences are what counts for me. Maybe I will do a list of anime next week I didn't want to mix them.
If you want to check out my weight loss journey check out my other blog Sexy For Live. I am working hard to loose 40 pounds after 20 I will be looking into getting a new tattoo on my arm instead of some sort of food reward. Have fun and keep reading! I should have a few more books from the Hollows series soon because a friend said she would lend them to me. I am really excited! So I put off my next book until then because I will see her today or tomorrow.


  • John

    Underworld, Blade, Batman and The Crow would probably make my list as well. I think I'd also include Highlander, Edward Scissorhands and The Lost Boys :-)

  • Jeff King

    Forest Gump
    Brave heart
    Ten Commandments
    Harry potters 1-6 ( 5 and 6 kind of let me down but still ok)
    We were soldiers
    Red Dawn
    Dazed and confused
    Star Trek (2009)

    this was a lot harder than i thought putting together a top 10, but with the limited amount of time i had this will suffice...

    good topic.

  • Anonymous

    I'm not a huge movie least I didn't think I was until I read your movie list and realised that at some point i had watched them all...oopppss!!

  • Liggy

    I like those movies, too...but I would have to add the Terminator movies to my list. I especially liked Terminator 2...that was the BEST of the them all in my opinion.

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