Friday, January 8, 2010

Reading Celia's Puppies

>> Friday, January 8, 2010

I am reading Celia's Puppies and I am had trouble putting it down to get my workout, housework and blog work done. I still have two Kim Harrison books to review they will be up in the next few days. I am really trying to get a lot of my books read before I go back to work. I still have a good 25 books left to read. That doesn't include the non-fiction books. I plan to review some of those books at on my other blog Sexy For Life. I did get up from my chair around noon to work out and get some housework and blog stuff done.

I have to tell you unless something goes really wrong this book is worth the read. There are no vampires of werewolves but a group of very lovable characters. You just get sucked into their lives and you just have to know what happens next.

I hope to get all the reviews up by next Friday. I want to get some of the books that I have finished starting with ones that I have read the first one or two in the series. I have read Witch Fire and have the next two sitting on my book shelf. I have read three of the four Cassandra Palmer books I have. I have read a few of the Night Huntress books and have one more of those. I have two more in the Anna Strong series and two more in the Blue Bloods series. Then I have a bunch more that I have not started. I am trying to pile up money in gift cards through a few amazon programs so I can buy the next one in each series I like.


  • Jeff King

    hope the program works for you, if a see a book in one of those links i want i'll buy one...


  • oyz

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  • ThrawnOmega

    I've got a similar situation with the number of books I have yet to read. I basically keep one shelf on a bookshelf reserved just for what has not been read yet: 3 manga novels, 6 sci-fo novels, 4 nonfiction, 2 classic literature... and I'm reading Stephen King's "Under the Dome." .. I'll be busy for a while =P

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