Tuesday, July 14, 2009

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>> Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First I want to say thanks to the people who visit my blog all the time. I will soon have time to write more reviews and the other stuff that makes my blog interesting. I am going to try to work a little on my creative writing too. I will post some here and others at the associated content site.
I am determined to get this stuff done, but it seems every time I get back into the groove something else happens. I am thinking I will start thinking of my writing as a job and sit down for a few hours every day and work on something writing related.

I am so glad to be done with the inspection on my duplex. All is fixed and the inspection passed so I have a new tenant. We will get our rent money every month from the government for a year. It will take a few months to make up for all the repair costs but it is worth it. That also means we don't have a lot to do to accept Section 8 in the lower unit. It would be nice to have the money every month. The lower unit is occupied but they don't always pay on time, I really hope they can get some assistance as well, they are good people.

I have a Pure Romance party tonight and I am working on getting the house cleaner, which is not so hard when you have been keeping up on it. I actually can't wait I usually get out of the house once a week to meet with friends. We call it small group, and we talk about our weeks and what we need prayer for. Some of the ladies are going to be here tonight. I don't get to hang out much although that may change until I finish school. As long as I can manage it I am just going to take classes on two days a week. I love my husband but it is really nice to have other women to talk to.

I will have 2 credits on Audible next week and I will be buying Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs so I can catch up with the Mercy Thompson series. I started another book but I can't get my mind off that one. I have also been listening to The Scarlet Letter and I am sorry but at least the first few chapters are boring. I suppose it doesn't help that I listen late at night.

I have been a little bad finding time to catch up on a few supernatural series. I won Blood Ties Season One in a blog contest and quickly got addicted. I also am getting Supernatural from Netflix to watch while on the boring treadmill. I really like this series and my husband seems to enjoy it as well. We just finished season one I think I will probably do a post on these two programs. I also caught up on Medium just before I quit my job and I have a lot to say about that show so I am sure to do a post on that.


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