Thursday, June 25, 2009

What a Great Day!

>> Thursday, June 25, 2009

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Today is my first official day as an unemployed person. I have spent half the morning dropping cards and clicking on Adgetize ads. I am hoping to make a few cents a month with this blog. A few dollars would be even better. I have the time now to try to increase traffic to Dark Novels. I am just not sure the best way to earn a little cash.

I have a lot of Amazon ads because that is where I get all of my books. So if you are going to buy a book that have an ad for, I would really appreciate it if you clicked my ad first. I am not asking anyone to buy something they can't afford to help me out, please don't do that.

I am looking into the CMF ads that I see running on others blogs to ad to my Adgetize ads. Has anyone had any luck with other ad companies. Like I have said before I don't plan to make a fortune maybe enough to buy a book or two a month. So far on the days I work at it I am getting 40-50 cents a day for the Adgetize ads. I would love to get rich blogging but I am just going to work on making up a little of my previous income.

I do have some great news, a friend of my sisters was looking for a place to stay and she has approved government assistance. She had me fill out the paper work and she is working on getting final approval. My upper unit for my duplex should be rented soon. I have a little work to do over there and it will be ready for her to move in. That will give me about 200 a month to put away for repairs. It will no longer be a loss, but we won't really be making money on it unless there are no repairs to be made. That is okay at least we won't be paying 200+ dollars for someone else to live there.

I am going to relax today and work on some computer stuff. I may get on the treadmill soon and I have a doctors appointment but other than that I am going to try to enjoy my first day off. I wish I could play outside with the dog but it is so hot she doesn't want to play much. Then she comes into the AC and she is wild??? I think I am going to work hard to train her to use the treadmill like my old dog used to do. Asuka is just a little over a year and a half now but I just had to share a puppy pic.


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