Saturday, June 6, 2009

True Blood Not True to Southern Vampire Books

>> Saturday, June 6, 2009

Warning if you have not read book one in the Southern Vampire series or are still catching up on True Blood don’t read this unless you want spoilers.

I was rather disappointed in this series, not because it wasn’t a decent series, but because it was so far off from the book. If you plan to watch the series you have to put aside your love for the book because it is loosely based on the events in the book.

They changed so much I don’t see how they are going to follow the books at all. They introduced some characters too soon, and left out some important ones. They left Bubba out and that was disappointing and made for a huge change in the end of the story.

Also they had Bill stake Longfellow the cheating, stealing vampire bartender instead of Eric. Then they send Bill to the Vampire Council to find out his punishment for killing a vampire. The Council made him turn a human and near the end of the series he has to “keep” her. That is just not even close to the book and I cannot see why they would do it.

If that is not enough changes they have this huge Jason storyline with enough casual and kinky sex to make you want to give up on the series. There is also a huge story of Jason and his new woman hooked on Vampire blood otherwise know as V. Most of the changes made for good television but these Jason story-lines were just too much.

They also added a lot that we don’t see in the novel about the other characters and most of it was good. I liked learning more about Sam and Tara and a few of the other minor characters in the book.
While I can’t see where they are going to go with this series I will watch more. I think the acting was above average. I enjoyed watching everything except the Jason storyline. Over all I did enjoy the show but I just couldn’t stop comparing it to the book.

I guess it is really hard for an avid book reader to put that aside when watching something that is supposed to be based on a great book. My husband seemed to really like the series and he is not a reader so I guess I just have to get over it and enjoy it for what it is.


  • Lorraine

    I absolutely agree with you about Jason. The V use and the girlfriend was too much and not needed at all.

    I am not sure why they had Bill kill Longfellow instead of Eric. I hope they keep to books with Eric, he is such a great character. It already seems they are changing too much.

    After watching the series premiere last night it seems a lot is being changed.. Lafayette not being killed, Jason joining the Fellowship, Tara and her whole mothers story, and Sam. It is making it hard for me to watch because I love the books so much.

  • Unknown

    I have not read any of the books yet. I am still debating weather or not I even like this series, but I'm still watching it. I will have to give the books a try after the summer break.

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