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Jacob Back Profile

>> Monday, June 29, 2009

Jacob Black is my favorite character in the Twilight saga. He is a 15 year old Native American in the first book. Bella’s father is friends with Jacob’s father. He lives in Lapush, a reservation near Forks.

He becomes close friends with Bella when Edward runs off and leaves her with severe case of depression. Bella finds that hanging around with Jacob helps her to feel better. Jacob develops more than just friendship feelings for Bella. Even though she tries to deny it Bella feels strongly for him as well.

This happens in New Moon the second book in the Twilight Saga. This is also the book where Jacob learns he is a werewolf. Jacob has trouble adjusting to his new life at first and pushes Bella away. Then shortly after they become friendly again Bella rushes off to save Edward. This leaves Jacob who has already saved her life a few times angry and alone.

Through the next two books Jacob matures and learns how too coexistent in Bella’s live but his personality doesn’t change. He still says and does some stupid things but he grows and learns from his mistakes which is why I like him better than the other characters.

He even overcomes his natural aversion to vampires and leads his own pack to protect Bella and her child. Jacob imprints with Bella’s child in Breaking Dawn, and has taken on a role similar to a big brother. He is a natural leader when he gets his emotions under control.
I would not be very interested in more books about Bella and Edward, but I would love to hear more about Jacob. I loved two of the books in this series. After the first book the thing that kept me reading was Jacob, I was never disappointed in his storyline.


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