Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eric Northman

>> Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eric Northman is a hot vampire from the Southern Vampire Series. He is my favorite vampire in the series. He is described as viking like, tall, muscular and blond.
He owns Fangtasia a vampire bar and is also the sheriff of area five. He is a very old vampire and seems to have a thing for Sookie the telepathic bar maid. Of course every male in the series likes her, except the gay characters.

Eric is a powerful and dangerous vampire and that makes him just the kind of vampire I like. I had a different picture in my head of Eric the viking like vampire than the one above. I read 7 books before I saw True Blood and the series does not do him justice.

He has excellent business sense and he is not a vampire you want to be enemies with. He does have a poor sense of judgment in hiring bar staff. Other than Pam he often ends up with vampire staff that ends up being staked. Pam is his loyal offspring and she is also one awesome vampire.
Eric likes to be in control and he is ruthless, he almost always wins. He can fly and he is very strong and he will always be one of my favorite vampires.


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