Monday, June 22, 2009

Fun Stuff to Make My Life Work

>> Monday, June 22, 2009

Well I got off work early today and spent the time needed to have the utilities turned on for the vacant unit in the duplex we own. I let them turn them off as it was not being used and I never had the time to spend over an hour waiting for assistance with the gas and electric company. We have always paid the water for all tenants so that already comes to out dwelling.

I also put our duplex on a list that will accept government assistance. After having to fight for rent I would just prefer to get my check from the government. I would really like to sell the place but the market here is saturated with foreclosures and we can't find a buyer to pay us what we paid for the house.

As soon as the electric is up and running I will have the carpets clean and work to get it rent worthy. I am done with my job after this week. I hope to find some one to rent by mid July and I will have to worry a lot less about money lost from my job.

As it is we pay the water bill that also includes a trash fee. We make the repairs and we pay the mortgage, taxes and insurance. That ads up to several hundred more dollars than we get for renting just one unit. If we were to rent the top half that would at least cover all of our fees and leave us with a little to save for repairs. It won't make up for any of my lost income but it will at least make sure we break even on the duplex.

It looks like I won't have a lot of time for reading until I get these things in order. Then I should be able to get book reviews out as soon as I finish them. I really want to write the review for the third Cassandra Palmer book. It was a lot of fun so the review will be fun I am sure. I know I am a little crazy but I just love John Pritkin. There was a lot going on with him in this book and I can't wait for more. Unfortunately I have some real life I need to take care of first.

Thanks for the tips on writing jobs. I was not looking for an actual job just places where I can post articles and get paid a little or where people are looking for articles. I was not looking for employment more like paid by the article stuff.


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