Thursday, June 4, 2009

Addicted to Prilosec

>> Thursday, June 4, 2009

Well on Monday I took my last Prilosec, or so I thought. Last night was a nightmare but I made it through the night with a fire burning in my stomach. This morning I needed the fire fighters to put out the five alarm fire inside of me. I broke down and took a pill.

It still feels like there is a campfire in my stomach but it is better as long as i don't move too much. Why did the doctor act like these things were harmless. I am going to make an appointment soon and ask how to get off these pills.

I read somewhere to start with half a pill and I may start that. I can not believe that I can't stop taking these pills. The acid is worse that it was before I started taking the pills! Go figure I am not taking any more medicine that is not absolutely necessary.

I went and got a little tub of ice cream and after eating it I feel much better. I actually went to the pharmacy to look for pepto and pepcid but came out with a bag of antacids and some ice cream. I tried the ice cream first. I thought at least it would stop the burning until it was all melted. Well it looks like the ice cream diet for me until I figure out how to get this under control with out meds.


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