Saturday, May 9, 2009

Blue Blood By Melissa De La Cruz -- Book Review

>> Saturday, May 9, 2009

First let me say I really liked this book, but I found it hard to follow at first. They include letters from the first colonies to arrive in America and some little history lessons, and they seem out of place in present day New York.

Near the end of the book they do come together but I found myself having to search out and read some of them again. The task was easy because they are written on pages that look like a photo copy of an old letter. They didn’t fit very well for a while and I have a bad memory especially when things don’t make sense. This won’t bother too many people and was a minimal nuisance to me once the pieces fit together. I thought I would warn those out there like me with memory issues.

This story drew me in very quickly it is a different take on vampires and pretty interesting at that. This book is also written in the third person which took some adjusting for me. I am used to books written in first person but the author did a magnificent job of shifting characters without confusion.

In this book you follow several high schools students through their change into Blue Bloods. They are turning into vampires, the change starts in their early teens. Some of the children know about the change but some are unaware and unprepared.

Teens in the area start dying and they are all Blue Bloods in their changing (vulnerable) state. Shuyler, one of the main characters is determined to find out the truth and runs into all kinds of trouble along the way.

The book is short but I would recommend it as a very entertaining book. Not one of my favorites but I did like it enough to get the next two books. This book is a bit on the teeny side and as I update this review I find it being one of the last books on my list for finishing the series, of course that could be because I have 26 books waiting to be read. The books are collecting dust right now. I would give this book a 3.5 our of 5 stars.


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