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Book Review -- Halfway to the Grave: Night Huntress Novel By Jeaniene Frost

>> Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Halfway to the Grave: Night Huntress Novel
By Jeaniene Frost

Do you love a book that is dark and full of violent death? If so this is the book for you, with in the first three chapters the main character Cat has killed 2 vampires and captured her third. She kills vampires for only one reason, her mother, has taught her they are all evil creatures.

Her mother was raped by a vampire resulting in Catherine’s healthy birth at five months. Cat is half vampire and has some of their strengths but still has a beating heart. Cat is doing quite well eliminating vampires until she meets her match, Bones is an old vampire who turns the tables and captures her.

Bones is a vampire that hunts his own kind for the reward on their heads. He strikes a deal with Cat to work with him as vampire bait and he won’t kill her. She accepts the deal but still wants to kill all vampires even Bones. Cat is put through training that would have killed a normal person and in many cases almost killed her but bones healed her with his blood.
As she works closely with him she starts to wonder if her mom is wrong and all vampires are not pure evil. Old habits die hard though and Cat is stuck between betraying the best friend she has ever had or the only person who has ever cared for her.
Well you can’t loose with all the vampire killing going on and a tainted love story to go along with it. What I really did like about the story is that Cat and Bones are both characters that I really liked.

Cat was very confident in herself in many ways but she was not in other ways. She was not always on the mark and made mistakes but not so many her characters seemed weak. She was a prefect model of someone who grew up with a crazy mom and was isolated from the normal society around her.

Bones was great he was an old vampire and he actually seemed to learn something in his years on this planet. I have read so many books about vampires lately and it seems like they could be a little smarter after hundreds or even thousands of years on earth. One of the things I can not understand is vampires who fall for human women and have no idea how to treat them. If they have been around for so long you would think that they would have had loads of time to correct their previous mistakes or at least have watched successful relationships. Bones makes a point to be very respectful to Cat (other than in training) and he really waits on her to realize that she has feelings for him, but he doesn’t hide his from her.

I was so happy with this book I intend to buy the rest when I finish the other books I have on my shelf waiting. I will have to say this is not for everyone it has a lot of violence and a long sex scene as well as plenty of language. The action is non-stop for the most part and I just couldn’t put the book down I was actually reading it a few times while cooking. I am very impressed so I give it 5 out of 5 stars.


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