Monday, March 14, 2011

Kindle is On The Way

>> Monday, March 14, 2011

So I took the plunge after realizing that almost all the non-fiction books I was looking at were $2 or more less for the Kindle version. If I hate it I will hold all the people who recommended it responsible........... Just kidding.

I should get it by Wednesday.Then I have a ton of books I want to buy so I am going to have to decide which ones to buy first. I am sure it will take me some time to learn how to use the thing too.

I chose it because I really like the screen and compared to other devices it looks the least like reading on a computer screen. I also like it because I buy everything from Amazon and it should be easy for me to find what I need. Some of the other e-readers would require me to get used to some other site. I know I don't want an iPad because of all the EXTREMELY annoying problems we have had with our iPod's. I am a little worried about possible problems with this device but the ability to read anywhere won me over.

I tend to read more than one book at once especially when reading non-fiction. I get to a point where I am bored of a particular subject but I still feel the need to learn something so I switch to another subject. That is one of the many reasons a device that holds many books appeals to me. I don't want to cart the 3-5 books I am working on around with me. The only reason for me not to get this device was the cost.

It will also save me money and space in the long run and I bet it is healthier for all the trees that don't have to be wasted on paper. Even the fiction books are like a dollar cheaper getting me more books for my monthly book budget.

 It makes me wonder though if a faithful book reader like me makes the switch what will happen to book stores? Will they be obsolete in the near future? Will the printed book become an antique? Will students eventually be required to have a university owned device  where they can download all of their textbooks?


  • allotments4you

    I know what you mean about the bookstores and things...but don't you find that all the major chain stores have already put the smaller more personal book shops out of business anyway...and these big chain stores more often than not don't have what you want...I find many a time I have resorted to buying off amazon as I can just not get what I want in town. Being a UK resident probably doesn't help as we have to wait a while befpore they are published over here to so I usually end up importing.

    I also like to try to keep the local library going...but again...I read so much I get to the stage where they have nothing to offer me.

    As for getting used to using the kindle/ is soooooo easy...If I can do it with ease...anyone can!!

    I hope you love your as much as I love mine!! :-)

  • Theresa @ MyWizardAds

    I've thought about the Kindle (and its cost) several times - still sitting on the fence though. Basically I enjoy holding books that I'm reading. However, your point regarding the fact that you can now "carry" several options and switch from one to the other is compelling.

    I know one of these days I'll have to break down and just join the crowd. I'm all for saving trees. I just think though, for the books I'd like to read just for entertainment, the prices are so out of touch (no pun intended) in terms of cost.

  • Liggybee

    Keep us posted on your experiences. I would love to know what you think because like you, I have also struggled with the idea and still have yet to purchase a Kindle.

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