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Introducing Conian

>> Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tami Jackson, Author of Ravena & The Resurrected,

writes from Seattle, WA

First of all, I'd like to say "thank you," Carrie, for offering me this chance to post as your guest here in Toledo, Ohio. While I'm a woman of a certain age (and therefore an hour or two older than you -- I read your profile page) I also grew up in an ultra-conservative home. Soon as I learned how the Harry Potter series was banned from your childhood library, I wondered if being raised with the Holy Bible could have inspired your and my adoration for dark fantasy. After all,  vampire, werewolf and zombie stories could never be as frightening as the great apocalypse stories, the Battle of Armageddon, or Hell fires fueled by human bodies (example: Isaiah 9:19).

To honor the wolves in your banner here at Dark Novels (blog), I thought, it would be fun to introduce a werewolf from my book, Ravena & The Resurrectedhttp://tinyurl.com/4zuew8m ]. (See drawing.) This is  Conian, and while he does not appear in R&R until chapter thirty two, he certainly plays a major role in Ravena's personal evolution.

Conian was rather fascinating to write about because he's not merely one of the biggest shape-shifters whom Ravena meets at the Blessings Mansion, with all its medieval and Victorian decorations, but he only has one eye. Since Ravena has no idea what happened to make Conian somewhat of a cyclops, she never mentions his old wound, and not just because she fears it would be impolite. Readers don't have to know Conian for very long before learning he's very hot-tempered. Ravena doesn't want to ask him anything that might trigger his rage.

While Conian really enjoys all the power that comes from being a lycanthrope, he's sick of being hunted by the Assassins. To outsmart them, he determines to kill the alpha wolf in his blood line, even though he really has no idea who that werewolf might be.  Fable suggests that destroying an alpha (man or woman that a sorcerer cursed as a wolf-mutant) will remove the virus from all subsequent werewolves created in that bloodline. Conian believes if he kills the alpha and changes back into full humanity, he will be absolved of any lycanthrope guilt and the Assassins will stop hunting him. Then he can move about society more freely.

In fact, right after the reader meets Conian, he ferociously murders another werewolf in his pack. Unfortunately, that wolf was not Conian's cure, so (even while the book does not directly disclose this) Conian feels tormented by guilt and becomes grumpier as the larger plot progresses.

Ravena & The Resurrected is a story that focuses primarily on Ravena Doomlah, who says: "My last name is Doomlah, after all. That means “doom” (as in “calamity”) and “lah” (suggesting I am supposed to sing about it)."  Yet even the minor characters in the book have strong personalities that contribute to Ravena's personal evolution in a significant way.

Thank you again, Carrie, for allowing me to visit. Anyone wishing to follow this blog tour may click here:
SunTigerMOJO.com/book-tour-author-tami-jackson-blogs.html. More information about me can be found by searching "Vamchoir" on-line, or viewers may visit my publisher's website: SunTigerMOJO.com


Author: Tami Jackson
Publisher: SunTigerMOJO ~  Novel: Ravena & The Resurrected
Online Identity: Vamchoir
Twitter: @Vamchoir
Character Blog: Vamchoir.blogspot.com
Book Reveiw Blog: VampireReview.blogspot.com


  • allotments4you

    Sounds like an interesting book...I like how the characters are described so i am glad Carrie invited you to write a piece.

    I got a kindle for christmas so i will be buying this book at the weekend in readiness for the trip I am going on next week.. :-)

  • SunTiger

    Allotments4you ~ Thank you! I feel very grateful to Carrie for giving me the opportunity. I am thrilled to think you will be buying the book. Let me know what you think after you've read it. Alright?

  • Unknown

    Werewolves too! Oh how wonderful. Love a cranky werewolf in my vampire books. Even better on a cold winter night.

    I am looking forward to reading it. The character's name makes me smile.

  • SunTiger

    Dana ~ So glad you like werewolves. I really felt inspired by 1941 "The Wolf Man" movie (in black and white) where the old gypsy woman says: "Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright." While I'm not at all a poet (so I did not write any compelling rhymes like that) I did put a lot of herbs into Ravena & The Resurrected.

  • Maryahshands

    I have only just met Conian as I'm not through yet with the book but I like him. His name sounds like a cross between Conan the Barbarian and canine (pertaining to dog)How appropriate.

  • Theresa

    What a great post, Tami! Conian sounds like a really interesting character. Not quite sure how I would handle coming face to face with a one-eyed were! Sounds like a fun read!

  • SunTiger

    Maryahshands ~ I'm so pleased to know you are happy with the name. Thank you! It just "came" to me ... like the wolf was introducing himself to me.
    ~ Tami

  • SunTiger

    Theresa ~
    Thank you luv for following during this author tour. I think Conian was probably one of the scariest characters to write about ... besides the deviant people, the succubus and incubus who could attack you in your sleep, and all the deviant/deceptive characters ... but he was right up there with the other creepy souls. That's for sure. LOL.
    ~ Tami

  • Unknown

    Ok, i havent gotten to the part with Conian yet but looking forward to it now. So far the book is great--Thanks Tami.

  • SunTiger

    Thank YOU TallnTrue! So glad to notice that you're fallowing along with the tour.

  • SunTiger

    Oops. See? Even professional writers and editors make typos. Bleh. Should have been "following" along with the tour. (Sorry.)

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