Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Book Reviews Coming Soon

>> Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I have three books that I have not reviewed yet. I am really tired today as I worked 6:45 pm on Tuesday to 7:15 am today and then my phone woke me up before I got enough sleep. It gave me the time to finish the book I started though. I am still not quite awake and it is nearly 6.

So I have a review coming for the teen series Vampire Academy. I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I usually have trouble with the teens in books and their snotty attitudes and extreme behavior. This was not the case for this book but it is the first in the series.

I also have reviews coming for Magic Bleeds and On The Edge by Illona Andrews. If you have not already guessed it might take me some time to get these reviews out. I want to do the books justice. I very rarely run across an author that makes me crave more each time I read a book. These books have just the right amount of romance and loads of action. There is magic her with this husband and wife writing team. I absolutely loved both books and now I have a new series I will follow absolutely.
I have a bunch of books in my to be read pile as well and I might spend the next few days getting a list together so I can post it here. I would love to hear opinions on which book to read next. I have a few that I have read one or two in a series and I intend to finish them first. The problem is sometimes I am just not feeling a book and I would rather read a book I am in the mood for. Sometimes I want a vampire book sometimes I don't.


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