Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hell Girl

>> Sunday, November 21, 2010

I am about half way through the first season of Hell Girl. I was just looking for something to watch on Netflix in the mornings when I am trying to get enough coffee in me to wake up. I almost gave up because it seemed like it was going to be extremely boring after the first few episodes.

The first five or so episodes are only about people who summon the Hell Girl using the internet site that can only be seen by people seeking revenge. It can also only be accessed at midnight. When a contract is made the your revenge is served.

It really seemed like it was going to be 26 episodes the same sequences over and over again and no further information on this cute little girl that ferries people to hell. I am not sure how many episodes it takes but once you start to learn more about the girl it gets WAY more interesting. I am really glad I didn't stop watching.

I would just though I would give you a heads up on the slow start and then I will give it a complete review later when I am finished.


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