Thursday, September 9, 2010

Resident Evil First Movie

>> Thursday, September 9, 2010

I tried to find a high quality trailer for this movie but it was hard. The movie is old and the trailer above will have to do.

I have to say I wasn't sure I wanted to see this before we watched it for the first time. I was never really into horror movies and I was afraid it would give me nightmares for weeks. I suppose that horror the best category for all of these movies but that is not what came to my mind when I thought of a horror movie. I still won't watch any of your "slasher" films. I don't want to see some sick phyco chopping people up for the fun of it. Now on the other hand I love to see humans killing zombies and all sorts of other creatures.

In this movie a military team is sent in to a secret underground facility called the "Hive" where scientists are testing biological weapons. Unfortunately for this tactical team the reason the Hive is locked down is because a chemical was released and has turned the people inside into zombies. The computer has locked down the facility to keep from further contamination. The computer is malfunctioning and it is the job of the tactical team to fix it. The Umbrella corporation, the mastermind behind the facility has deployed Alice to aide in fixing their little mishap. Only problem is Alice can't even remember who she is let alone what she needs to do. She figures out a little at a time that she is no ordinary human and we get to see her kick some zombie ass well before the end of the movie.

So if you have not seen this movie yet run to your local store and grab a copy or better yet click on the link and buy one from amazon. It is a great movie have fun watching, I know I did.

I still can't wait to see the new movie, I am working Friday so it will be Saturday or Sunday at the earliest.


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