Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shadowfae Book Review On My Sisters Blog

>> Thursday, June 17, 2010

Since I have not been reading much lately my sister has graciously allowed me to post a link to her reviews. So here is a bit of her review of Shadowfae by Erica Hayes. To read more head on over to Oh My Goddess, Are You Stalking Me be sure to follow her blog when you get there.

If i say succubus and incubus please tell me the first thought that comes to mind is ~*~Sex~*~

Although there is much more to Shadowfae by Erica Hayes, there is defiantly A LOT OF SEX in this book. There is also quite a bit of language. To enjoy Erica's writing I don't believe you can be offended easily. So,if the F-Bomb is on your No-No list, then please steer clear of her work. With that said, lets get down to business.

Jade the succubus, Rajah the incubus -- both enslaved by Kane, the demon lord. They do his bidding, kill his enemies, and service him when needed. They will never die, never age, and will NEVER be free. Or so this is what they have been lead to believe.


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