Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Need Television and Movie Suggestions

>> Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I love to listen to books while on the treadmill but after a few days of having ear phones in my ears hurt. I have run through all the seasons of my favorite shows that I have missed for years. Netflix is awesome until you don't know what else to watch.

I have watched I like some of the crime dramas and have watched all the CSI's I care to I am also sick of Law and order. I really liked the paranormal stuff like Medium and I liked Moonlight. I am really up for suggestions I have even run through the anime I can find on Netflix.

I will still listen to some audio books but I need to be kind to my ears too.


  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Sorry about that, I went to post my comment and the screen went blank. There's a show called 'Being Human' that I like to watch. It's about a Vampire, a Ghost and a Wolfman who all live in the same house. At the moment they're involved in a bitter battle with rouge vampires. It's really good stuff and I'd highly recommend it. It's on BBC3, I think. Do you get that channel? I do hope so, I think you'd like it very much.

  • Jeff King

    I'll think about some and get back to ya... if you haven't seen "house bunny", it's pretty damn funny.

  • Bookworm

    I am done with audio books. I think I might have damaged my ears from listening too much of it.

    I love the Dresden Files. You might want to check it out :)

    By the way, I already have a DOT COM and have transferred to Wordpress. Would it be okay if we exchange links, Carrie?

  • Heidi V

    Dexter series isn't supernatural but it's a decent series.

  • allotments4you

    Series I have enjoyed in the past.
    Kyle XY
    Dresden Files,
    Blood Ties,
    Ghost Whisperer,
    I have some others too but i can't remember the titles....god that is soooo annoying...hopefully I will be back when I remember!!!!

  • sundcarrie

    Thanks for the suggestions I am waiting on this of next seasons of Supernatural, Criminal Minds,Vampire Diaries, Medium, NCIS, Dexter and now Being Human. I tried the Dresden Files and didn't care for the first episode but I could try it again.

  • Brandon

    I'd like to put in a vote for Psych and Bones - Psych is a very funny show - and Bones is whole different flavor of crime drama - based on true stories of one of the few real forensic anthropologists (there's like 50 on the planet or something)... worth checking out.

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