Friday, January 15, 2010

Any Ideas for a Side Job?

>> Friday, January 15, 2010

I am looking to make an income right now but I have a full time job lined up for March and April then I should be able to continue to work there part time. That gives me a month and a half to make some extra cash. I am not giving up on making some money blogging but I would like to be able to make maybe $50 or more dollars a week doing something on the side.

I have a Bachelors degree and I was hoping that would help me to be able to work from home part time. I guess that dream is not going to be a reality at this time because I have not found anything. I have decided that is fine but since I do want to make a little money now I have to find some side jobs. Most of what I have found online that is legit ends up paying like a dollar an hour or less because you have to search for jobs you can do and hope they are going to pay you. I hear Dave Ramsey say deliver pizzas all the time but I don't want to drive for work. I don't mind driving to and home from a job or even to a few job sites but I don't want to deliver something. We have paid off old cars and the repairs would get to be costly if I had to drive all day or evening.

Any ideas that I could look into would be great. I don't have the strength in my legs yet (since I broke my hip and slacked off on my physical therapy) to shovel snow but I can mow grass in the summer if I need to. I am actually feeling a little stir crazy at home with nothing to do. I would love to have an at home job but with nothing specific to do at home I am just bored.

I would like to save enough money to pay cash for a house once we sell our duplex and the race car. If you have any ideas on what I can do to earn extra money or if you live in or near Toledo Ohio and have a project for me to do let me know. If you have writing projects you would be willing to pay me for please email me at I will be honest if I don't think I can perform the task and I am not looking for a hand out.



  • Jeff King
    a freind told me about this. read up on it and see if it is for you. suposed to be free, let me know what you think...
    i'll think about this a little more and get back to you.

  • Anonymous

    odd jobs are always good...maybe you could paint fences or take on small gardening jobs??? Clean windows or hoses?? Become a person sitter??? We have some older people who often want someone to 'keep them company' for a couple hours a day because they can't get out. Often they are fascinating to chat with. No other ideas straight off the bat but I will keep thinking for you. And thanks for visiting my blog!!!

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