Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Creative Writing Assignment

>> Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The assignment was to write three different lead paragraphs for the same story. Use three different tones. I tried to think of something funny but as always comedy is not at all my forte. I have had Lucy in my head for a long time, she is ever changing. I can never decide for sure what I want to do with her. I was having so much trouble with the assignment I thought if I started with her I could at least finish the assignment on time. I had other paragraphs but it was difficult to make three from a story I have not given much thought to. I suppose that will come, or it could just be the pressure of a deadline getting to me. So anyway here is the first paragraph to a story.

Lucy awakes to near unbearable pain coursing through her body. She thinks “Not again, the doors of hell can not open and release the wicked so often.” She opens her eyes to see a world fiery red with violence and misery painted in blood. Lucy blinks a few times to see with her human eyes.

I woke up this morning to pain shooting through my body, like a red hot burning in my veins. I can’t win something else has escaped hell, just can’t wait to see what the vision brings this time. I open my eyes to the fire and chaos, burning and blood is all I see. I want to go back to the human world now, I am getting sick of this.

Today starts with pain, my heart is pumping fire through my veins. Each painful beat means my satisfaction. Hell has released my prey, my vision is clouded, I see blood and fire and crave it. With the promise of a good hunt I force my human side to control the beast


  • Dr. Cheryl Carvajal

    Which one do you like best? Is there one that made you want to keep writing the story?

    I like beginnings, for even in nonfiction I find that they inspire the tone of the rest of the story. I often have trouble with humor, too--I'm just not that good at it.

    How awesome that you are taking creative writing! I look forward to hearing more!

  • Anonymous

    3 great paragraphs..the second two I found more gripping but I have always preferred reading in the first person so this is just personal preference...i would like to get to know more about Lucy!!

    Don't worry about humour when you can right so well!!

  • sundcarrie

    I spent the most time on the first one, but I am not sure if I like any one best. I find it easier to write in first person, but I want to challenge myself in this class.

    Thanks for the comments.

  • Jeff King

    I like the 3rd one the best, keep it up...

    "With the promise of a good hunt I force my human side to control the beast"

    i think it makes sense to me like this:
    {Resisting} the promise of a good hunt I force my human side to control the beast.

    because to me the first description, is about the struggle to control whatever is trying to poses/temp her...

    just my opinion, of course i could be wrong. but i fig i would let you know my 2 cents. Incase i was right...

  • Unknown

    I too am liking the 3rd one. Keep it up. :)

  • vicy

    Hello!!Droppin by here and following your blog..Take care

  • heart

    sounds like a great one, thanks for this and im following your blog...

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