Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Book Review The Good the Bad and the Undead by Kim Harrison

>> Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I am going to start with the rating because I really enjoyed this book. I give this book FIVE big stars. I am sure it helped that I enjoyed it so much more than the first book and that I got a great idea for a sign on my door. My dear husband sleeps during the day because of the shift he works. There was a sign posted in the Hallows that said "day-sleeper solicitors will be eaten". I am so stealing this and using it for myself but I am going to include religious zealots as well. I might even include a picture of my dog!

Anyway the book starts with an job Rachel and Jenks have accepted for a Hallows baseball team. And there is not a slow moment from that point on. It is really hard to review this book without giving things away. I have to say that I liked the book largely because I saw Rachel grow as a person. She is starting to learn from her mistakes and many times she even listens to the wise counsil of Ivy and Jenks.

We also get to know a little more about Ivy in this book and the dynamics of her living vampire state. Here characters really stands out in this book, as she struggles not to feed from Rachel and still live in such close proximity to her.

You will learn more about Rachel's' boyfriend too but I don't find him very memorable as I can't even remember is name. I found him to be a little to apt to deal with demons and he plays a little too much with the dark-side.

So for the plot there are dead witches turning up everywhere and the human police call Rachel in to help find out what is going on. They know they are in way over their heads. All paths seem to lead to Trent her arch enemy from the first book, but again there is no proof. Rachel has to go back to witch school and work undercover. In her search for this killer she has to take on a summon a few demons, take on a bad ass vampire or two, mingle with some werewolves and she even finds out what Trent really is.

I just don't want to give too much away. This was a great book, do not miss this one!


  • Tanya.

    I'm glad you enjoyed this book...I really got into the series with this book and highly recommend you read them for Rachel's boyfriend he was kind of a jackass and I only remember his name was Nick because at the time of reading my friend was going through a break up with as big of a jackass with the same name!!!

  • Jeff King

    Thx for the review...

    glad your still kick-en, hope all is going well for you.

    it takes me a year to finish a book, so i'll have to put it on my list...

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