Thursday, August 6, 2009

Will Someone Please Shoot Me!

>> Thursday, August 6, 2009

Well I am going to start with the bad day I had today. For those of you who read my blog regularly I had a sewer line in my duplex backed up on July 22 and today my tenant calls me in the afternoon to tell me it is backed up again. So I call Rotary Man back to let them know and they won't warranty a job done 15 days ago. They said they can't because it is rental property and I don't know what they put down there. How is that different from what I could have put down my home drain?????? I am one of those people that cry when they get angry and I believe it has been a good thing at times and kept me from being able to say what I wanted to. It is a really bad thing when you are trying to get your money back or get someone to come back and complete a half-assed job.

Today I was working on catching up on message boards and going to take the dog to the vet and work on getting my blog posts on the Patrician Briggs books I finished. Well I had to cancel everything and was late for small group. I was not happy to pay another 200 dollars (210 for the crappy job) and I still have to pay more for a scope to be run because there may be something broken. At least I am reasonably sure I can trust the new company because they have a much higher lower rate of complaints on the Better Business Bureau's website. I also know the owners because my step-dad works on all their vehicles and I did all the paperwork for that until a few weeks ago.

Other than that I did have a wonderful week. Loads of fund time with my husband and have been working out everyday except today. I also joined Weight Watchers and am doing well with that except I eat when I am stressed so I had one piece of pizza tonight at group. I had been saving my extra 35 points for a party this weekend but if I must I will eat before.

I got my first Recruit for my business and I have had quite a few RSVP'S for my Open House.

Tomorrow I have a Weight Watchers meeting and hopefully a date with my husband. I also need to pay my over 3000 dollar bill for school by the 14th so I have to talk to my husband about that. We will either have to take it out of our saving for a house fund which won't last long but at least we don't have to pay interest on that or take the federal loan at 6% interest. I think that he will decide that I will make more money when I am done so we can worry about a house then but I would rather ask than assume I know what he is thinking.

I have reinstated my quiet time with God and that has helped immensely with my stress level and getting things done. My house is in much better order and I was doing very well until today. I was caught up and ready to get more done. For those of you that pray, please pray for me to not get to discouraged as I hit these road blocks in my life.


  • Natascha De Marco

    Hmm I always had this funny feeling that I was going to shoot somebody someday... kidding.

    But, if it makes you in any way feel better, I had a half crappy day also, got into a huge fight with my God Mother. SO, I guess you can say that I feel ur pain.

  • Shaymless Aymless

    Oh man. So sorry about the rooter guys! That totally sucks! I've learned to check out the BBB before dealing with service people (of any kind). Another place you can look is for recommendation of services near you. I find them useful.

  • SusiSunshine

    oh Weight Watchers is great. I thinks their concept is really great. I just bought the books so I'm lacking a little enthusiasm.
    I’ve got a something to sheer you up a little at my Blog

    Have a nice weekend,

  • Joanne Olivieri

    Unfortunately these things happen way too often. One of our local tv stations here in SF has a service where you can call the station with a complaint and they will help resolve it. Sorry this happened to you.

  • sundcarrie

    Thanks everyone I have to fork out more money to have a scope put down there to figure out what keeps making this happen. They got it flowing again so I can take a few weeks to save up I hope. Why does it all have to come as I have to give the university so much money.

  • Stacie

    I cry too when I get angry or frustrated. First of all I would definitely call the better business bureau or consumer protection on the person. 15 days ago come on. That tells me they didn't do their job right. I too am going back to school. Glad to hear you had a good week. I started working out. I use the EA Active 30 day challenge and I love it. Good Luck on your weight loss.

  • Jeff King

    life is hard and sometimes unfair, keep your head up and push through it... and never give up, i hope it gets better soon.

  • Live, Love, Laugh, Write!

    Ugh - that must have been so frustrating! *hugs*

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