Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So Busy With School

>> Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Monday was my first day of school. I got there very early to make sure I could find my first class and found out the University doesn't have enough parking spaces for all the commuter students. So I felt I couldn't leave like I planned during the two hour break I have. I now know I have to go early and stay all day, so I purchased a meal plan and I will be wearing tennis shoes most of the time so I can walk on nice days. I will be buying more audio books as well unless I can find a quite place to read.

I can put the audio books on my iPod and listen to them just about anywhere but there is a lot of chatter in most of the areas for sitting on campus. With the audio books I can walk to the far dining hall and get exercise while listening to a book to review for my blog.

Right now I am working on listening to The Good the Bad and the Undead by Kim Harrison. I am also going to take a book to read in case I can find a quiet place to read. I have at least three hours of non-class time each day. Eating only takes a half hour tops. Then I have no issues reading most text but I have to be at home quiet and comfortable to read the text for my last class. It is hard to read, boring as boring can be and written by people who like to use big words and talk in circles.

I will have a lot of school work but all my classes have a lot of reading and writing so I may post my thoughts about my classes here as well. I think I am really going to enjoy my Literature class (American Romanticism) and my Creative Writing class. I also have Current Writing Theory and I believe I will learn a lot in the class but I don't think it will be much fun.

So you will have to bear with me as the book reviews will be slow, I will try to fill in some of the days with, creative writing and discussions on the material I read in my Literature class.

By the way all my teachers seem awesome, I can't be sure but they seem to want to help you learn. Some of my least favorite classes I have done well in because of good teachers. As long as I have good teachers I can pass any class.


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