Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Getting off Prilosec for Good

>> Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I am not going to take this drug anymore if I have to I will be drinking straight apple cider vinegar but I am so not taking this drug anymore. I have found articles from years ago, studies done in other countries that linked these types of drugs to hip fractures.

Sorry in advance that this post is not my best writing, I am just frustrated all around frustrated.

Also websites that have hundreds of people in the same boat I am in now with weight gain. I just kept thinking that I was getting older and that is why a 1500 calorie or less diet and regular workouts (60-90 minutes on the treadmill before I broke my hip) were not working. Not only was I not loosing weight with a good work out 3-5 days or more a week but I was putting weight on. After I broke my hip I gave up and gained about 20 more pounds. This week I have cut my calories in half and worked out as hard as someone recovering from a hip fracture can and have gained a half a pound. My highest calorie day was around 1400 calories and my treadmill has said I burned at least 200 those calories a day. I don't want to starve myself but I just can't take this weight anymore. I also am having a hard time with the frustration of working so hard to loose weight with no results.

I am actually starting to believe that there is some sort of conspiracy going on. What I do know for sure is that doctors are ignoring their patients. Why? I don't know maybe they think we are all stupid because we don't have medical degrees. Maybe the drug companies have paid them to keep their mouth shut. Maybe they are afraid to admit their own ignorance. I am done believing everything they say like they are the gods of our bodies and health.

What really makes me mad is I keep reading about people who have had many symptoms from these types of drugs and I keep hearing the same thing about doctors. If I were a doctor I would want to know why so many of my patients complained of adverse side effects of this drug. I would want to research it more and I most certainly would not tell a patient with osteoporosis or history of hip fracture that it was harmless!

I am posting this letting you know if I am not around for a few days it is because I feel like crap trying to get myself off this drug. I should have a new review up soon for the Cassandra Palmer book I just finished and possibly one for The Narrative, by Fredrick Douglas.

I will leave you with links to a few good articles for anyone taking or considering taking any Proton Pump Inhibitors

Why You Should Never Take Prilosec OTC to Remain Heartburn Free
By simply reducing your levels of stomach acid by way of taking Prilosec or other proton pump inhibitors, you may be setting yourself up for a whole host of other health problems.

Popular Acid Reflux Medications May Be Unsafe
Doctors may prescribe popular medications like Nexium, or patients may pick over-the-counter Prilosec as their solution. But there are some in the medical community that don't see these medications as good for your health.

What Are the Serious Side Effects of Proton Pump Inhibitors?
If you're taking a proton pump inhibitor, you should be aware of two potentially serious side effects. Here's what you need to know.


  • Phyl

    Oh hon -- good luck getting off it! Sometimes we really do just need to take things into our own hands, if we can tell we're getting bad reactions. (That was why I went off Paxil a few years ago, during a rare bout with clinical depression. The side effects were very scary.)

    I hope it helps, and I hope your doctor listens to you!!

  • Glynis Peters

    Good luck. We know our own bodies so should listen to them.

  • Live, Love, Laugh, Write!

    Hang in there! Remember with the exercising that it's important to take your measurements (abs, stomach, hips, thighs) and track those about once a week. Especially when your exercising. Muscle weighs more than fat so you often initially gain weight or plateau, but if you look at the inches your making progress. Hope that helps!

  • Unknown

    Good luck and take care of yourself.

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