Thursday, May 28, 2009

Supernatural Character Profile Alucard

>> Thursday, May 28, 2009

Alucard was first introduced in a manga series and then played the staring role in Hellsing the anime series. He is my all time favorite vampire. He is the God of vampires, and as far as I can tell he is completely indestructible. I was introduce to him in the original Hellsing series but decided to do a little research on his background. I learned that the manga is more detailed than the anime. Going back to show more of the history that surrounds this magnificent character.

What do I like about Alucard you ask? Well what don’t I like, he can do everything and he can’t die. He can be staked, shot to a million pieces with silver bullets, and decapitated and still he lives. If you don’t believe me there is a scene where his fledgling, Victoria is walking around with his head, I am sure you can find a picture.

Alucard is around 577 years old and the most powerful vampire alive. He can shapeshift into anything he wants even hundreds of bats. He loves the fight so much he taunts his prey (did I say prey I meant targets), luring them into believing that they might just win, and then he slowly kills them. He longs for a worthy foe, but never seems to find one. He is not your typical romantic vampire, not sexy, not sweet, just a step away from pure evil.

He follows orders from the Hellsing organization as they control the key that unlocks all of his powers. His job is hunting vampires and getting rid of the ghouls they create. He is a rather arrogant creature with little regard to others.

He does however have some sort of sort of strange compassion for Victoria. She is a brave cop who voluntarily sacrifices her own life so Alucard can kill the villain vampire. She actually wants him to shoot through he to kill the bad guy, and of course he shoots. Then he turns Victoria into vampire. I highly recommend the series and when I get around to reading the manga I will review it.


  • Phyl

    A lot of people I know really love this anime. I'm an anime fan, but so far I haven't had the chance to watch this one. I should see if I can borrow it from someone. :-)

  • Linda Nguyen

    Cool! I wonder if it's better than Trinity Blood. I bet it is. I watched maybe 15 episodes of that until I got a bit bored. I might go back to it eventually. Thanks for the character profile. =)

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