Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back to School For Me!

>> Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I have started 2 practice courses, I found on the internet. I have an professor to help me and they didn't cost much. The good thing is I am registered for three classes in the fall. Two literature courses and a poetry workshop.

I can not be accepted into the Masters program without more English courses. I like creative writing so I am going to take some as electives. I need a lot of literature courses to enter their Masters program. They also have Teaching Assistantships when I am ready for the Masters program.

When the Fall semester starts I am going to work closely with the English adviser, to take the right classes. I am a little nervous though I am taking all senior level courses. If they were in something related to the field I am studied in, it wouldn't be so scary. I think it is worth it though to have a job you love or at least like.


  • Ms Terri

    I did an MA in English/Creative Writing, and I also hadn't been an English major undergrad before (I was a Psychology major). At the school I went to (SF State) they let me make up the undergrad literature courses while I was also going ahead with the graduate courses.

    I found the graduate lit courses easier, as a rule. There were more tests and things like that in the undergrad lit classes, while in the graduate lit classes, you usually just had to do a couple of presentations. The discussions were better too, and you weren't surrounded by kidlets who were worried about their grades. ;-)

    Good luck with it. I think you should be fine if you like reading and writing, which I assume you do!

  • Izzy

    Creative writing Huh? that was by far my favorite class to take this year (though this was high school) I just rescently grew a love for writing and plan to take some form of literature in high school...

    Anyway good luck with getting all your classes in. And you're right about getting a job that you like...I have had some really bad jobs because of the lack of skills that I have.


  • Jeff King

    best of luck.. I am my own teacher and so far i am failing...

    keep it up.

  • Live, Love, Laugh, Write!

    Good luck! It sounds like a lot of work - but like it will also be a lot of fun and worth it :)

  • Linda Nguyen

    Good for you! I hope all your plans follow through, and don't be intimidated by the various things that can scare you. I'm sure the feeling will pass and it will be worth it. Good luck! =)

  • mechanical engineering ebook

    Yes you can be accepted in master program. Just follow your heart and study more. No things are impossible to learn in this life. Just learn and learn. Remember, No pain no gain..Good Luck

  • Linda Nguyen

    Hi Carrie,
    Thank you for commenting and following my blog too. It means a lot, especially since I'm just starting. I enjoy reading your posts too. After I'm done with my blog entries, yours is among the first that I check. Sometimes I check yours before I write mine (*blush*).

    I'd love to hear how your creative writing classes go. I don't know if others would be equally as interested, but I certainly would. I'm actually reading a book entitled Fiction Writing Demystified now. I will likely write a review once I'm done.

    -- Bambi =)

  • Dr. Cheryl Carvajal

    So glad you are taking the leap. You'll love your classes, more than likely, with very few exceptions.

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