Sunday, April 26, 2009

Book Review --Breaking Dawn: Twilight Saga Book 4

>> Sunday, April 26, 2009

Breaking Dawn: Twilight Saga Book 4, I have been waiting to do this review for a long time. I need more than one post to cover my feelings about this book. So I am going to try to give you a basic review and then delve into a series of posts on the Twilight books. There will be some spoilers so if you don’t know anything about what happens in this book you may not want to read on.

Breaking Dawn seems to be written by someone else, the only character who seems to be the same is Jacob Black. The book starts with Bella graduating, and then getting married. The first few chapters and the beginning of the honeymoon contain some great romantic scenes reminiscent of the first book. I did enjoy this part of the book.

It doesn’t take long though before things go wrong, and I mean all wrong. A short time into their honey moon Bella exhibits signs of pregnancy. Meyer’s spends a large amount of time on the pregnancy issue. The baby is killing Bella who in a mater of minutes grows a backbone and starts standing up for herself. She buddies up with Rosalie to keep the baby safe from the men who want her to abort it. Edward becomes an idiot with out an ounce of self respect or any of the confidence he had in the previous novels.

Once the baby is born there is more trouble, it is forbidden to make a vampire child and the Voltori have taken notice. There is another great section in this book about the Vampires that gather to testify the child is not a normal vampire child. I would have loved to here more about these vampires with special abilities. Bella also becomes a vampire and has some particularly interesting abilities that are barely explored or used.

There was so much that could have been done with this section of the book but nothing happened. There was a lot of building up to some great action and it never happens.
I was very disappointed in this book over all Meyers had a lot of good material to work with, but I was disappointed on how she wrapped it up.

I really can’t say much more about the book without giving away too much.
I don’t recommend this book I give it a 2 out of five stars only because Jacob’s character was still great, while he grows up a little his personality stays the same.

I expected more from this book, especially one to finish up the series.
I thought the book was entertaining but the more I thought about it the more I didn't like the book. It ends up like some messed up fairy tail instead of the tragic romance it started out as.

When I finish posting the rest of my reviews I will talk more about my feelings on the Twilight series. Over all I thought it was worth reading because I really loved some of the books. To tell you the truth I think she had enough great material for 3 great books and spread it to thin making 4.


  • Ash

    I read all the Twilight series books and was also disappointed with Breaking Dawn. It dragged on in too many places. I never finished reading it, have about 60 pages to go and just don't desire to even see how it ends...was hoping you'd say how here...LOL

  • flit

    I never even made it through the first one

  • Unknown

    I feel like she ended it like that to give her the option of continuing the series even though she said it's the last one. It gives her a way to start a brand new series under a spin off name.

  • 30ats

    wow, you get through a lot of books. i've been on Neil Gaiman's "Fragile Things" the whole month and i'm still just halfway through!

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