Saturday, February 28, 2009

>> Saturday, February 28, 2009

Well today is the first day in three days that I have not had to blow my nose every thirty seconds. I feel as though I may be suffering from computer withdrawal though since I did very little on the computer this week.

I did finish a review of Kitty and the Midnight Hour and posted it on my other blog I also read the second book in the Night Huntress series. I liked both books and will be working on a review for each.

I have not moved forward with much writing though as I have slept most of my days away. I missed three days of work and I am still feeling tired. It could be that I cut out the caffeine when I am sick so my pot of coffee is now decaf.

I am so glad to be feeling better! Later today or tomorrow I plan to post the poem I want to take to the writers workshop this week. I was going to work on my story about Lucy that I took last week but was too sick to think.

I am going to give the rough version of my poem and then post the updated version once I have been to the workshop.


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