Monday, August 17, 2009

I Need Some Ideas?

>> Monday, August 17, 2009

I now have three blogs and a website. I am posting this here because it is my most popular blog and my favorite. I am trying to promote my Pure Romance website and hopefully going to make a few cents with adsense as I go. I want to boost my website business, there is not much I can do with the actual website because I really can't alter it. So I created a blog with product reviews and romance tips, Carrie's Sexy Romance Tips and Reviews. The other blog is Sexy For Life, it is just a personal blog.

I am looking for ideas on how to boost my business. I am not under the impression that I am going to get rich on blogging or as a Pure romance consultant. I do have a goal of making 250 dollars a month. I am starting with a small goal and hoping to expand as I learn more.

For my Dark Novels blog I have Adgetize, which I only make money with if I click, click and click some more. For my other blogs I am going to try Adsense. I now have an entrecard widget on all three blogs. I want to send traffic to my website and I have no idea where to start.

I am thinking about letting go of the Adgetize ads and just using Amazon ads for the Dark Novels blog. For the other blogs if I can ever get the Adsense to work I am just going to use that. So far I am having trouble getting those to work. If anyone has any tips and tricks or websites to share please let me know.

I could really use the help.

I only have one Dark Novel left to review, so once I have a business plan in place and I do whatever reading I need to for school I will have to get to reading again.


  • Jeff King

    Doing press releases and Squidoo (lenses) are the best way to drive traffic to your site, not to mention their free just need to invest the time…
    Do a press release for every product you have, once someone types that product into a search it will place you in the results. You should do this for your blogs as well it is by far the best way to increase your visibility on the web.

    Stick with products you sell, it will outdo any scheme website that require you to get people to join under your. Those personal enjoyment tools (IE)”sex toys” should be easy to sell on the web, do not forget to sell them on eBay. They have an adult area now and I am sure it will drive in income for you… And do not forget to advertise you mail your items to your customers in a discrete packaging so their secret will stay a secret that is huge to people…

    The first and foremost thing to do is never quite, and never pay for traffic until you make enough to do it out of your profit never pay for traffic out of your pocket !!

    If you do press releases and Squidoo lenses correctly and often, you will drive tons of traffic to your site, as long as the subject interest people…

    Best of luck, I guess this Is more like advice that an idea, but I hope you do well… I have lost the desire to keep up my blog about making money online thx to you I have a little desire returning. Had people come but never post anything..

  • roza

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