Friday, August 14, 2009

Started a Personal Blog

>> Friday, August 14, 2009

Sexy For Life is my new personal blog. I will still posts some personal stuff here as well but I think I will keep most of it here. I start school on the 24th so I will probably post some of my creative writing on this blog. I have two writing classes an a literature class. If I am gone for awhile I have a lot of class work to do.

The personal blog will talk about my life of course and my weight loss journey. Hopefully my long journey to a better more confident person.


  • Jeff King

    nice, you can count on me to check it out...

  • Stephanie

    I read the Vampire Kisses trilogy that you passed on to me a while back. I thought that it was pretty good. Definitely a quick read for the series as I read it in a couple of hours last weekend. I do think that there is a "Twilight" connection if you know what I mean... Would love to compare thoughts if you want to.

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