Thursday, August 20, 2009

Book Review The Becoming by Jeanne C. Stein

>> Thursday, August 20, 2009

I read this book in one day it was a quick fun read. The problem was there was no depth at all to this book. No character development, Anna was not the "strong" character I was hoping for, she was just there in the midst of all the chaos going on around her.

The whole book was full of plot twists and turns as we follow Anna Strong into her new life. Anna is a bounty hunter, but her latest mission turns out to be a creep vampire. The vampire is too strong for Anna and her partner David and he gets away. The vampire beats and rapes Anna and in her struggles she swallows some of his blood thus becoming a vampire.

Anna finds out that the doctor that treated her is also a vampire and she ends up going to him for help. She is being hunted by vampire hunters and her best friend and partner has been kidnapped. There is a lot going on in this book, it keeps moving from beginning to end.

I think the problem with this book is I felt like it was rushed, I didn't get to know the characters at all. It felt like a set up for the next book, it was fun to read but then I felt no connection to the characters so I probably won't read the next book until I run out of better books. I own two more but I am not motivated to read them, considering that I always seem to have 20+ books waiting to be read. These books will be going low in the to be read pile.

It was worth the read I don't feel cheated out of my time. I give this book 3 1/2 stars, it was worth the read but their are a lot of better reads out there.


  • Jeff King

    Nice input. i'll have to have you read my novel that i am working on so i do not have this issue...
    let me know if your iterested and how much it will cost me, don't mind paying.

  • sundcarrie

    Jeff I would love to read your novel and give you feedback. I start school soon so as long as you don't mind a wait and sending me a paper copy of what you have I don't want any money. If you want it mailed back with red ink all over it that will cost you an envelope with postage. I write good and bad with the red pen but I can color code that too.

  • Live, Love, Laugh, Write!

    sounds like one I'll skip over this time.

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