Friday, July 24, 2009

Book Review: Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs

>> Friday, July 24, 2009

Blood Bound is the second book in the Mercy Thompson series. If you have not read Moon Called

Mercy Thompson is a walker, she can shapeshift with a great amount of ease from human to coyote and back. She is not like the were wolves who have a painful change and she is smaller in her animal form not bigger. Mercy was raised by the North American Alpha pack of werewolves in Montana. Now she lives in the Tri-cities area of Washington next door to Adam, the area's pack Alpha. She also picked up a roommate, Samuel the son of the Marrok and her childhood love.

Mercy's vampire friend Stephan calls in the favor she owes him, and asks her to attend a meeting as his coyote pet. He buckles her up in a harness for the intimidation factor to visit a vampire that is not supposed to be in the Tri-cities and is suspected of causing trouble. Stephan needs Mercy because she is immune to much of the vampires magic. This vampire is able to control other vampires and can make the werewolves obey him.

Mercy and Stephan find out that this evil vampire has also struck a deal with the devil and has a demon with him. Mercy decides to let the vampires handle their own, until Stephan, Samuel and Adam all go missing and the mistress of the vampire seethe believes she is the only one who can bring them back. I just love Mercy's character and how as soon as it gets personal she jumps right in to save the day.

So with special weapons from her Fae friend and her ability to see ghosts she launches a search for this vampire. You will have to read the rest but I can assure you that it will be a fun read.

I find Mercy to be one of the best characters I have run across in this type of book. I really love how she is torn between Samuel and Adam, who both have laid claim to her. I love how she is not jumping into bed with either of them while she is torn. I love how she fights to keep her own identity even among two dominant werewolves. I love that the more you get into these books she also fights with her own desires as well. She feels a deep need to let someone take care of her that comes out periodical but she doesn't like it. I also love that she is actually an intelligent heroine that learns from some of her mistakes.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

I couldn't wait to read the next one so that review should be up soon.
the first book you can find the review by clicking on the title. You may want to read the first book first although I try not to give any spoilers there might be a few.


  • Jeff King

    Thx i will have to read it and post up what i think...

    if you find the time plz come by my blog and leave your comment on the ending of the Half Blood Prince... unless you don't get into harry potter.. then never mind. but here is link>>>

  • *lynne*

    Hi! I've not dropped by for a while, and therefore missed your review of the first Mercy Thompson book. This one sounds good. I'll add it to my to-read list. I shy away from what is touted as "romance", but at the same time I'll give this a shot. Thanks for the recommendation.

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