Thursday, July 30, 2009

My update!

>> Thursday, July 30, 2009

I hate to even say this but it looks like things are about to be calm for me the next three weeks. I have several reviews in the works. I wrote a ton of notes on Cry Wolf and Iron Kissed while I waited for my consistently late Doctor for the xray thing I had to have last Friday. The doctor was only an hour late, which is good for her. All is fine there, they had to make sure my tubes were blocked and I couldn't get pregnant.

The notes are pen and paper notes so I now have to go through them and make them into a good review. My wonderful husband also downloaded the audio version of Bone Crossed so I have completed the existing books in the Mercy Thompson series. I really love that series and hope there is more to come. Mercy is one of the best heroines that I have seen in such a series.

I have a few more audio books now to work on getting through because I can listen to them while I work out and while I clean. I can also take them places like the doctor's office where I will have long boring wait. They tend to be expensive thought so I for now I will finish what I have and see where finances are after I start school.

If you have time don't forget to visit my new blog that shares romance tips and products. There is a link to my business website there and if you like the products you can order them direct. I would love your business. Thanks.


  • Jeff King

    i understand about not having enough time... no worries, take care of what you have too.
    and i would recommend the harry potter tapes/cds jim dale rocks and he is by far the best at what he does... i just love them

  • VanillaSeven

    The most important is that you enjoy every single thing that you do Carrie :)

    Thanks for dropping by and have a fruitful week ahead!

  • Unknown

    Oh and here I was hoping I could find out if you would do a review on my book. It's called The Astral Avenger and is about a woman who can astrally travel, and does so to heal the ghosts that are her clients. When you do have time... ???

    Kerry Morgan
    Author: The Astral Avenger

    I do hope you enjoy your week!

  • lilyruth

    Carrie stoped by here by accident but Im glad I did I love spookey movies and anything that is a good scarey story. I love steven King novels and other authors like him. I love dogs and invite you to visit my dog blogs at and also since you have a German Shephard you will find some good dog tips you can use for you dog and even some recipes for homemade doggie treats. Check it out. I really enjoyed my visit here. You have a great blog and are doing great work keep it up. Best of luck and do what you want to do that makes you happy.

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