Friday, May 29, 2009

Moon Called: A Mercy Thompson Novel by Patricia Brigs

>> Friday, May 29, 2009

Moon Called, A Mercy Thompson Novel
By Patricia Briggs
Moon Called was fun from beginning to end. Mercy Thompson is a mechanic who can shift into a coyote at will. She grew up with a pack of werewolves and now lives next door to the Alpha wolf in the town she lives in. Then Mac a new werewolf stops at her shop looking for work, and bringing a heap of trouble with him. He is a hard worker and Mercy likes him but he is being chased by some strange humans and more werewolves. They call Adam the area Alpha in to help but it turns out the strange new pack of wolves is actually after Adam.
Mercy takes Adam back to the pack where she grew up to help him heal after an attack where they drugged him before they nearly killed him. They also needed to make a plan to find his kidnapped daughter. She brings back Samuel, a very powerful wolf from the North American alpha pack, to help with the investigation. There are a lot of twists and turns as they find out who is behind the horrible acts of kidnapping an alphas daughter and developing drugs that work on werewolves. There is also something about Mercy that they only show you a glimpse of in this book and it really made me more interested to see what comes next.
I really loved the characters in this book, I found myself really enjoying them even some of the minor characters. I loved how bringing Samuel back with her from her hometown made Adam jealous. I loved how both men wouldn’t admit they liked Mercy yet the practically fought over her a few times. Mercy doesn’t know how she feels about either man except she doesn’t want to feel like they have laid claim to her, she wants to choose. I also really liked Adams’ daughter she was spunky but not stupid and her interactions with Mercy added some light hearted humor to the book.
I particularly liked that Mercy was strong but didn’t act overly tough. She didn’t do much sassing with the wolves. She knew her place so to speak even though she didn’t like it, because she knew how the pack worked. On the other hand when she really needed to do something outside pack regulations she didn’t hesitate because she does not actually belong to a pack since she is a coyote. I guess I liked her because she was smart most of the time not mouthing off in every conversation like a lot of heroines do. I also liked the hint of romance in the book and appreciated that Briggs didn’t have here jumping into bed with the two werewolves that liked her.
I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. I found it very entertaining but there were some things out of place and several grammatical errors. I usually can ignore them but it took me a while a few times to figure out what she meant. There were also a few terms that must have been more modern slang that I didn’t quite get. There nothing I found offensive but there was violence and some swearing but not much.


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