Thursday, June 30, 2011

Which Protagonist Would You Be

>> Thursday, June 30, 2011

If you could choose one protagonist out of all the books you have read who would it be? I was thinking about this today while I was on the treadmill trying to get back into better shape.

I am actually nothing like her but she has so many qualities that I wish I had. Many that I am glad I don't have but they would be worth the sacrifice. She is practically fearless and I run when a firecracker goes off. She also says what she thinks which is a good and bad thing but if I could just have a hint of that quality I might just make a difference in this world or at least in my own life.

She is also in great shape and can just keep moving and moving and moving and then she gets beat up and goes on fighting some more. She never gives up in battle and I have to work not to quit.

So here it is for me working out and not giving up on getting this body back into shape is my first step. I am going to be selling health products so I have to work hard on my physical self as well as my mental stability. I can't quit and if nothing else I am going to borrow some of Kate's determination.

Oh and if you are interested here is my website

I would love to hear which character you would like to be and why?


  • Jeff King

    I love the Harry Potter books more than any other books I have read, but I wouldn’t want to emulate Harry… he is kind of a whiner and losses faith to easily.

    It might sound like an ego trip, but I want to be me… I am who I would want to be! The only thing I lack is the money I would want; I yearn for the freedom it brings.

  • John

    Tricky question... maybe Robert Neville from "I Am Legend". Something within me identified with him!

    Otherwise I'd be Kay Harker from The Box of Delights :-)

  • allotments4you

    I don't think I would really want to be anyone else but exactly who I am ...sure there are things I wish I could do sometimes...especially when immersed in a book, and there are lots of fictitious characters I love...but at the end of the day I am perfectly content with who I am.....I think you need to build on that within yourself too....after all with a healthy mind comes a healthy body. xx

  • John

    I've changed my mind... I want to be Robert Masen from The Day of the Triffids. It's something about succeeding in the face of incredible adversity :-)

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