Sunday, February 7, 2010

For A Few More Demons by Kim Harrison

>> Sunday, February 7, 2010

For a Few More Demons is the fifth book in the Hollows series by Kim Harrison. I have reviews for the 4 previous books under the Kim Harrison tab in the side bar.

Now you are going to have to bear with me I have had some trouble remembering where books started and stopped since I read books 5-7 one right after another.

If you have not read the previous 4 books and don't want any spoilers stop reading now and start with the first book Dead Witch Walking. This is not a series that you can start in the middle without tons and tons of confusion.

The Focus an ancient werewolf artifact is now in Rachel and David's possession. Unfortunately it has some pretty bad side effects on the people surrounding them. Weres are being murdered and Rachel takes a run from the FIB to try and find out who is killing the weres and trying to make it look like suicides. She suspects they are being murdered in efforts to locate the Focus.

If that is not enough for Rachel to deal with Trent has asked her to work security at his wedding where Al shows up possessing a familiar body. Al the big bad demon is out to get Rachel and goes on a rampage in the streets of Cincinnati. They let Piscari out of prison to deal with Al and all hell breaks loose. The story isn't complete of you don't mention the crazy demon Newt who manages to escape the ever after and come after Rachel for something, but what even Newt cannot remember. Newt even has Ceri shaking in her boots the demon is powerful and insane.

There are some crazy plot twists in this book and a lot of people die including a few characters that have been around for awhile. This book is full of strong emotion and seems to be a turning point for Rachel. I loved this book I am giving it 5 stars out of 5. Kim Harrison is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors as I am loving the way she develops her characters.

I still have to mention I just love Jenks the absolutely hilarious pixie and as you learned in the last book he only has a life span of 20 years so I don't know that he will last till the end of the series and it makes me sad every-time Rachel thinks about it.


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