Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Rant: No Soliciting Sign

>> Monday, February 8, 2010

Okay I am so tired of the doorbell in the middle of my work out. So I need some help with a catch all sign. I would love to use a picture of my German Shepherd and use a quote from a Kim Harrison novel "Day-sleeper solicitors will be eaten" but that could get me sued.

I get kids wanting to shovel my snow or mow my grass, we do that ourselves. I get all kinds sales people and people pushing religion and politics. I don't want any of these people to come to my door. My husband works a third shift and he sleeps during the day. When the bell rings or they pound on the door my dog goes crazy baking and I really don't want to answer it in my work out clothes all sweaty. I want something that really gets their attention and then a list of who is not allowed to disturb me. I don't care if I have to print several sheet of paper and tape them to my outer door.

I have been known to let my dog out on the porch and let her bark while I talk to the people from inside but they just talk over her barking until she quits. She is really friendly and she calms down in a minute or two and the solicitors must be used to that. I really wish they would leave us alone right now the only people I can easily get rid of are people asking about home improvement issues. I just tell them I rent because I do rent this place but I own a duplex two blocks away.

Maybe it should say I am a nudist and I don't answer the door or I am a hermit don't disturb me or I am a serial killer don't ring the doorbell unless you want to wind up in my freezer. I don't like being rude but really who wants to be disturbed by a stranger selling something.


  • Anonymous

    I know exactly how you feel...I hate it when people come to the door selling stuff or spouting religion...I love the soliciting sign you found on amazon but I'm not sure it would stop people....I think they may still ring just to find out where you found god!!!!

    I wish I could tell you I have found a solution to them...but sadly I am still trying!!!!

  • K8thebookbuff

    My husband is a cop and also sleeps during the day, and this is what I have on my door. "Some residents of this home must sleep during the day and work at night, and there are also babies sleeping. Please be respectful, and if you are selling something, wish to share your religion, or something of the like, kindly leave any literature you might have on our door step, we will contact you if we are interested. I can guarantee that if you ring our doorbell during the day, you will NOT get a positive reaction, and we will NOT buy whatever you are selling. Thank you!" I know it is a long letter, and some may view it as tacky, but it is effective, no one ever rings our doorbell anymore!

  • Dr. Cheryl Carvajal

    I like K8thebookbuff's idea... but I like the sign you have in the picture.

    The picture, though, might spark an interest in the neighborhood kids to pull the old ring-the-doorbell-and-run-away trick.

    Not funny...

  • Jeff King

    I agree with the above...

  • VanillaSeven

    What a great door sign Carrie. I should buy one for my house too :)

  • Auntie E

    Now I need a sign like that.,lol.

  • Mom

    Ah... the conundrum of the masses.

    I think a simple "No Soliciting" sign would be sufficient for the most part.

    As for kids who pull the ding dong ditch trick, they usually hang out close by so they can watch. It's not all that difficult to locate them. Only once of catching them and telling them off then they will never do it again.

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