Sunday, November 15, 2009

Changing My Plans

>> Sunday, November 15, 2009

I only had one day of classes this week but I didn't get any extra curricular reading done. I had to spend about 6 hours over two days to get some work done on my brakes. It was all good because the if I had waited another month the parts would not have been under warranty. I also got free lunch on Friday while I was waiting on my vehicle. While I was there sat and learned some of the new things that have been implemented in my old job. Since I will be going back at least on a part time basis for awhile it was good to learn.

I did get a bunch of homework and house work done and still have a bunch of house work I have been putting off. Yesterday I spent a lot of time cleaning things out and making a bigger mess. I am not sure how things like drawers full of odd things happen but what I really can't understand why I always have so much paper to go through.

Well I did listen to a book called QBQ by John G Miller, I will write something up on it I also got a book by Debra Norville about respect and I found it rather boring so I quit listening to it.

Also I have decided to take a break from school right now and see if I can learn to be a better writer at home. I am going to set goals and write articles and read books on writing. I will finish this semester and go back to work full time for a few months, while my replacement is on leave and then part time when she comes back. I will be spending my days off studying on my own and looking for freelance jobs. I already have a Bachelors degree so I am sure I can do this if I put in some long hours of study and work. I want to write for a living but I wouldn't mind working part time for a long time at the Automotive shop.


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