Saturday, July 4, 2009

Took a Few Days Off to Read

>> Saturday, July 4, 2009

I read two books in the last three days and started another one. I have been reading Patricia Briggs. Last week I finished Cry Wolf (audio book) and have now read the Blood Bound and Iron Kissed. Click here for my review of Moon Called.

Moon Called is the First book in the Mercy Thompson series the next two books are Blood Bound and Iron Kissed. I flew through these books and wanted to get Bone Crossed but it is only available in hard cover and it is expensive. There is a glitch in my audible account that says I don't have an account and they won't be in until Monday. I am tempted to open another account because I enjoyed the books so much I can't wait to read another one. So instead I picked up At Graves End Jeaniene Frost.

I also loved cry wolf, I have the book and the audio version. I didn't realize until I started reading it so many of the characters sounded familiar because it is the pack of Wolves that Mercy's mother sent her to be raised. I will have reviews for each book soon but overall I would recommend this series. Mercy is actually a coyote she was born not made and she has no significant power, like the werewolves or vampires. I like her and I love the two wolves she is torn between.

I have a party to go to today so I don't see the reviews starting until tomorrow. I really do just feel like curling up on the couch for a week and reading from the time I get up until the time I go to bed. I can get away with that a few days but my house needs cleaned and I have other things that need done, such as a few reviews before I forget the details of the books.

I have to add that I will be trying to use more key words in my titles and posts so please bear with me if some of them sound a little silly. I want to drive more traffic to my site. I would also love to link to any bloggers who have a link to me. Let me know if you have a link and I will link to you. I am going to spend some of next week trying to organize my links., they are kind of a mess right now.


  • Linda Nguyen

    I want to read up to Bone Crossed too, but gosh... my TBR might as well be the leaning tower of Piza. . . is that how it's spelt?

    I've recently accepted to review 2 e-books from 2 authors, and Hachette Book Group agreed to send me a copy of a thriller/horror book. I still can't believe they're sending out a book for me to review based on a simple e-mail request.

    I was on a roll, and before I knew it, there's just too much to do.

    I have a final on Tuesday. Ack! I should be studying! All in all, things are getting exciting in this reading/blogging experience of mine and I have you to thank for being my first blogging friend. I wish you the best and I look forward to those reviews! =)

    -- Linda

  • Live, Love, Laugh, Write!

    I just got a copy of Moon Called! Looking forward to reading it :)

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