Saturday, June 13, 2009

Why I Like Darke Novels

>> Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jeff King asked why I like Dark Novels. This is a good question and I have thought about it a bit in the past. I think it started in High School when I was really into the Gothic scene. I loved dark stuff and had a fascination with vampires. I read Interview With a Vampire by Anne Rice because I was not allowed to watch it. I do believe that I would not have been allowed to read it either if my mom had known more about it.

Some of it may be because I was a very sheltered child an my big way of rebelling was to wear black and smoke. I never got into drugs or alcohol but I did like to escape into a world that doesn't exist. I like a good hero or heroine but one who struggles with the line between good and evil.

I like the dark stuff I did as a teen and I do now. I also believe that few things are impossible and that humans would actually learn a lot by attempting to put themselves in another persons shoes real or fantasy.

As I mentioned earlier I grew up in a very sheltered Christian home. I had good but over protective parents. I wouldn't do any of my childhood over again because I believe it has made me the person I am now. I also believe there are a lot worse things than overprotective parents. Just want you to know I am not one who hates my parents I loved my dad who has passed on just as much as I still love my mom.

The sheltered life in church and Christian schools also stifled my imagination, I believe. So as I got older I found ways to let it out or bring it in. It started with vampires because they are such a part of the Gothic culture I was into and still am to a much lesser degree. They were also less likely to be associated with witches and witch craft the things my parents worried about because I was a weird child. I was also not allowed to watch or read much with magic, my mom and I to this day can not talk about Harry Potter because I love it and she thinks it is wrong.

It took me a while to get to the point where I began to realize fantasy is just that. There may be real people who practice witch craft out their but they are also the first people who will tell you that they don't throw fire balls or thunder bolts. The more I learn most people call themselves witches are just normal people following an alternative religion.

I am not sure myself why the Christians I have across are so afraid of competing religious belifs but I think that fear of others is what has driven me to learn more about it. It has driven me to challenge my own faith. I am still a Christian but I don't take others assertions to what is right and wrong so seriosly anymore. I also don't belive it is my duty to convert everyone to my religious views.

I feel like the odd one out a lot of time until I get the occasion to meet a parent who has an odd child like me. I get to advise them to let thier child express themselves in the small things, compromise with the way they dress. If they are old enought let them get a pericing or color thier hair black.

I deal with a lot of crap sometimes from the Christian community who equates darkness with evil. I say God invented black and he also invented darkness. If they would recall thier Biblical history He made day and night, light and dark. If they belive how can they belive that darkness is evil.

So all of that background just to tell you I am attracted to dark novels because they are my favorite way of escaping the real world I have to live in every day. I love supernatural worlds that I can not really live in. Even the stuff that has potential to be such as ghosts or psychics is not something I actually experience. It is something that gives me the most vivid and fun dreams. So the reading usually extends to my sleeping creating wonderful new worlds to play in. I guess it is like the mental version of a video game or something.

I will be back to edit this just wanted to post it now before I have second thoughts about sharing so much of myself.


  • Jeff King

    That is what i was hoping for, you shared just enough. Not too much that you should feel weird about sharing anything.

    my parents were protective yet trusting, i could pull off the {I'm the good boy routine} so they would trust me and let me do almost whatever i wanted, the good thing or bad thing was i never got caught. i am a good liar, and smart enough not to put myself in a compromising position to get caught.
    I like dark stuff because it is unnerving yet exciting, and opens you mind to endless dark tales of the unknown. You seem like a person I would have liked to know, I was always the leader of my friends, I was kind of popular and never got picked on. And i got along with the ladies. I played sports and partied hard {drugs and drinking unfortunately} I was what you would call a “stoner jock”.

    I was raised Mormon and had a very full and fun childhood, that runs the gambit from almost killing a person to stealing cars to saving a drowning man who crashed one winter knight. To capturing bank robbers who drove through a junk yard where we had built our fort, they stashed their money there and drove off. We investigated and found the money and took it, we burned a lot of it {we didn’t think it was real money.} Long story short she called the cops and they set up a sting, life was good, we spent many nights in grave yards, mostly because of boredom and it mad the girls get close and cling on to me.

    I just wanted to share enough so you felt ok with what you shared with us,, thx

  • Live, Love, Laugh, Write!

    Wow - it sounds like we have a lot in common! I also grew up in a very sheltered Christian home, and my Dad still shakes his head at me when he catches glimpses of the book titles I'm reading. I'm too am still a Christian, but I don't feel like my faith is threatened by the fantasy I read, dark or otherwise. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us :)

  • Emm

    I'm quite new to your blog (found you to Adgitize) and you're quickly becoming my number one source for book recommendations! I like dark stuff too and I'm not quite sure why. I had very liberal, lenient parents but I was also a coffin kid at school and I have always loved dark, aloof characters.

  • Auntie E

    I, like you, was raised in a christian home(father a minister). I use to watch Dark shadows. Really loved that soap opera. My mom did not forbid me from it. Didn't get into Witch Craft until my 20's. Now I 'm a Christian following Christ. My Daughter loves the Dark book as well as others. My view is Books release the mind to think out of the box. Fantasy is a great way to strengthen the mind. If we just deal with NonFiction all the time, we would not be able to develop our own persona. Keep reading and exploring life. My daughter is a rounded child, I'm said to be an OPP(Overprotective Parent). Like I posted on my At home site on Thursday "People do not know me",LOL.

  • Linda Nguyen

    I have something for you. =)

    I'm in class now. I'm being bad now, so I'd better get back... =P

  • engineering book

    Yes, as Gothic scene lover, you're deserved to love the dark novel.Thanks for sharing reasonable reason

  • Unknown

    I love reading the "dark" stuff too, it give's me a way to leave reality for a short while and ponder the what if...
    My father also looks at my book collection an just shakes his head, I tell him I'm still Christian and I like all different styles of writing. Thanks for sharing with us.

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