Monday, June 8, 2009

Now I am just mad about my hip!

>> Monday, June 8, 2009

Look at this link, the x-ray looks just like mine

The more I read the more I know these companies are trying to cover up results that they have known about for a long time.

I have 4 screws and a plate in me just like the picture. I am not old enough to have a broken hip. I was active before I broke my hip and this has limited me.

I am going to be calling my doctor and letting her know maybe she shouldn't be telling people this drug is safe. I can not belive that they didn't know this and what makes me even more mad is they never, never told me that my body would have a hard time coming off the medication. They said it was safe to take FOREVER. I may be looking for a lawer too if there is no class action suit maybe I should be the cover story for one!

If you can't tell I am mad, I have weaned myself off of the anxiety medicine they gave me to help me with the extreme stress I was experiencing. Most of those issues are over but I am having less difficulty getting off this medication than I am with getting off the Prilosec. It could just be that I knew I had to have a plan to get off the anxiety medication and took it very slow. I went to the health food store to get some natural help to cleanse my body of the toxins from the birth control I was on and all the other medicine. I also got licorice tablets which are supposed to soothe the stomach. I am taking probiotics again and a half a Prolosec for this week. Then next week a half every other day. I will evaluate what next from there.

I have been working out but I added 15 minutes to my treadmill time for an hour 3-5 days a week, and a few daily strength training exercises. I have lost 4 pounds in about a week. Due to several days I could barely eat because of the heartburn that nearly had me in tears. That gave me the jump start I needed to eat smaller meals and more natural foods. I am going to try eating some vegetarian meals a few days a week. I can not wait until I am off all my medications.

Seriously if any one hears about a class action suit against these companies please please let me know.


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