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Kissing Coffins By Ellen Schreiber

>> Monday, June 8, 2009

Kissing Coffins
By Ellen Schreiber

I have to give this book a 4 ½ out of 5 stars because it is very well written and very exciting. I would warn that it is still very much for teens and if you want sex, violence or foul language in you vampire books this one is not for you. It is just a cute teen romance that happens to have vampires in it.

Raven starts her one Goth girl detective agency and starts searching for her missing man. She finds a clue at the mansion but she doesn’t understand it, but she is resourceful and goes to Ruby a woman she worked with, who also had a date with Alexanders’ butler. Raven hits the jackpot here and finds a phone number on the flowers the butler sent to Ruby. Lucky for Raven she is on spring break and she has an aunt who lives in the town the call came from. So she travels to what she calls Hipsterville to continue her search for Alexander.

Hipsterville is not as boring as her hometown and even has Goth clothing stores and a Goth club. She starts her search sneaking out to the club and asking around only to meet Jagger, a guy who is also searching for Alexander. From the time Raven first encounters Jagger she starts to fear for her life and eventually Alexanders. She abruptly returns home and the danger follows her.

I really loved this book, it was still a bit shallow but it packed a lot into a very short book. I thought it was a great read for any teen, if boys could make it through the first book. In the book there were some parallels to Bella from Twilight but I thought they were better handled in this book. In the first book Raven gets to whiney when she thinks she has lost her true love but in the second book after he leaves she goes on with life. She is upset but she is still hanging out with her friend and not so devastated she can’t function. She also starts to question weather she really wants to be a vampire or not very early unlike Bella who is only mildly conflicted about what she would be loosing. Raven realizes how much she would loose and is very conflicted about leaving her loving family and the daylight behind.

Kissing Coffins it the second book in the Vampire Kisses series. It is a teen vampire romance novel. At the end of book one Raven ends up her dream Goth boyfriend, Alexander who is also a vampire. She finds out he is a vampire when she is putting on lipstick with a compact and his reflection doesn’t appear. Then next day he is gone and the mansion he lives in has all indications that he has moved out of town.


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