Wednesday, April 7, 2021

I'm back!

>> Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Hey everyone, I can't believe this blog is still here! Looking over it I am cringing at some of my old thoughts and opinions. I am quite literally a completely different person but, I will leave most of the old content to remind me of how my life has changed in the last 15ish years. 

Long story short, I have been teaching pole dance fitness, hanging with my pack of 3 huskies and my husband. I have recently been bogged down with a lot of health issues and I don't want to run a physical fitness business anymore. 

I plan to take time to read and write more. This blog will contain book reviews and some of my writing projects and personal posts with loads of cute photos of my fur babies. It will pretty much be the same as it was except I am no longer into religion so there won't be a religious or prudish slant to my posts except maybe a little witchy flair from time to time. 

Now that I know how to log in again I have a lot of plans. I didn't realize I had two google accounts and thought this blog was lost forever. This is my last day of taking clients for my business and after I wrap up all the tax related stuff I will focus on writing again.

Currently listening to Betwixt  by Darynda Jones and I am really enjoying it!


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