Sunday, April 18, 2010

Can't Wait to Read More!

>> Sunday, April 18, 2010

Well things have not quite turned out as planned. I have to work three days for the next two weeks and I have loads of other things to do at home. I have a garden to get ready and a bunch of spring yard-work to do not to mention spring cleaning. I am trying really hard to loose weight there is an update here on my other blog. I do tend to have a lot of trouble managing my time.

Also I have been carving a little time out to read the articles on Your Dark Passenger this month. I would love to hear your reactions on her posts on Spiritual Gifts that are similar or overlap with Psychic Gifts. I am sure that Jen would love to hear from you too.

Soon I will have more time to read and I actually think things will run more smoothly for me when I get to spend a few hours reading a book, a real solid book instead of an audio book. I love audio-books but it is not really the same when I have the free time I do love to actually sit in my over-sized chair and get lost in another world.


  • allotments4you

    I know exactly what you mean...listening to an audio book is almost like watching a don't quite get to use your whole imagination which takes away the pleasure for me. Good luck with your's nice to know that spring is coming to all of us and soon the longer days will makes us smile more with the sun!!

  • Jeff King

    I feel your pain.

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